My name is Bryan Ollendyke and I am an Instructional Technologist.  I have been a Drupal developer since 2005 and am a leader in the Drupal in Education sector of the Drupal Community.  The main focus of my work (and life outside of my family) is on a distribution of Drupal called ELMS.  I believe Drupal is the best platform for education because better frameworks breed better solutions.

This blog is a consolidation of my thoughts and views pertaining to how Drupal can change education for the better. This blog is not affiliated with anyone but me and the views and philosophies  expressed are my own, not of my employer. I have chosen to pour myself into code development rather then research development so many of the ideas showcased here are not proven through hard research (there is no time in this field for that).

It is also important to know that I would pursue graduate work in the area of instructional technology if I didn’t fundamentally believe that those with talents must act. There are billions of people on this earth and yet only a small percentage with the ability to write code, code that increasingly influences our lives whether we care to acknowledge it.  Papers don’t change the world, ideas put into action do.

Read on, react and lets change the world.