Steal these ideas

Impacting the world is more important then being credited with it. It’s why when someone blatantly stole my work several years ago I was annoyed briefly, then satisfied. So please. Steal these ideas. Steal this system. Steal these concepts. I don’t care, in fact I actively encourage it.

These ideas are not my own. They’ve been assembled through the remix of remixes over the decade. All of ours have. Make something cool related to our network? Present about it. I don’t care if you didn’t author it, you utilized it, you made something better because of it; tell the world about that.

Tell them that what we empowered you to do was useful. You see I’m not here to take credit, to win the promotion or be the Man in the High Castle. I’m here to change things. Promotion of what we’re doing and exposure in more venues is far more important then me being affiliated with them.

Be, change.


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