Don’t become what you hate

The 1984 apple ad has always struck me as funny. It’s been replicated many times since the original ad, claiming to be breaking the paradigm of control. What is the commercial supposedly claiming:

  • We no longer all have to conform
  • We can think differently
  • We can be individuals

The problem with attacking existing paradigms is that often times “disruption” and investors merely want to replace the current golden calf (Blackboard) with a likeness more in their own image (Instructure in this case). Simply replacing one master for another doesn’t change the paradigm, it just pushes dollars in another location.

We need to “think different” to steal a different slogan from the same glorious fruit vendor. We need to change control structures, not simply rebuild them or put a different coat of paint on them. We need to radically transform our process in order to thrive, not just simply replicate them.

Let’s not downplay intuitiveness, usability, and stability, but let’s also not think that we’re transforming education, we’re merely making 90s instructional design patterns render on an iPad. Create again, stand up, be bold, change control structures, give up your power, lay down your source, and watch innovation flow. Don’t simply rush the stage against the establishment to become it.

Ex Uno Plures (From one, many)

never Multi requirunt unum (many require one).



One comment

  1. juststormy · March 19, 2016

    The video made me laugh out loud. Really. Loud.

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