Who else is doing this?

I had a very interesting conversation with someone that teaches LDT (Learning Design & Technology). While they seemed very well versed in theory, taught tomorrows IDs, and even built some very impressive technology with sound research capabilities… we were still an enigma to them.

So you know that course description that says “building courses in Course management systems”. We don’t do that; we’ve built a system, that allows for the building and remixing of course management systems.

The abstraction seemed to have them taken a back. What? But how and Why? Who else was doing this? Surely there must be others because I’ve never heard of this methodology before. Systems, disconnected in purpose but reconnected in experience?

It was a very interesting conversation, to see very different perspectives on the capabilities and deficiencies of instructional design (we are only as good as our systems allow us to be). But another thought immediately popped in my head: No industry transforms itself.

How odd it must be to work in a linear fashion only to have another industry come in and completely lay waste to what was previously possible. I saw flashes of intrigue with “who do you think you are”. The smile was even brighter when answering that lots of people work this way… now, all across the university with more soon to join. Multiple units, banding together through informal community with a singular goal: Push the envelop. We talked of the “mushrooming” of pockets of innovation that are unearthed when we all stop and talk to each other (of which I’ve intentionally accelerated through a common platform).

We’re tired. We’re tired of your outdated, inaccessible SCORM compliant objects. We’re tired of your endless LTI launches out to expensive, single purpose applications. We’re tired of a lack of control. We’re tired of exclusively linear, content paced instruction with too length of lectures that no one pays attention to anyway. We’re tired of a lack of tracking of useful data in exchange for number crunching that amounts to glorified “Attendance” systems.

We want experience. We want to bring Instructional design back to where it’s supposed to be: Experience / Interaction Design. We want our learning, teaching and engagement back, dammit. Let’s automate the boring so we can build new and engaging experiences on top infrastructure. Let’s not just move the ball down the field but play a new game entirely.

We are a social movement of instructors, students, learning designers, and developers. Join us, build the future.

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  1. rjf227 · March 1, 2016

    Preach it!

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