Ending Disruption

Silicon valley disruption is providing no new concepts when it comes to user empowerment. What we’ve seen:

  1. Replace teachers / tutors (with our product)
  2. Replace Taxi drivers (with our product / your own car)
  3. Replace Newspaper (with our DRM news / information)

These disruptions of existing industries simply divert dollars from one tower to another. If we are to actually make a freer society, we need to empower our citizenry. There was a time when capitalism and companies helped provide better outcomes for people, many of them by providing the tools needed for others to accomplish work. While this still does happen, too often the new paradigm in the digital realm is to simply provide SaaS (Software as a Service) options.

It’s time to decentralize society. The technology is there and it enables us to do amazing things. DevOps is there, and it enables us to do great things at scale with repeatability. So, how do we start to decentralize? It’s all in how you view a problem space.

Cool Sounding Driving Company

This cool sounding driving company, diverts dollars to a new company that treats its employees slightly less badly then existing corporations (woohoo). It provides a better customer experience (or perception of one) through technology integration and cars that are better maintained (because people own their own).

Decentralizing this industry

A website that uses HTML5 geo positioning and BitCoin could easily achieve the same money-less transaction but be completely peer to peer. “Oh but what about background checks and verification” riiiight, like I’m supposed to trust the quality of the driver when you run commercials constantly saying anyone can do it.

Redecentralization seeks to equip users rather than just make them consumers of a different product. Information Altruism aligns nicely with this concept of a decentralized society because we know the impact that donating information technology can have when applied to stable actant networks. The key here with redecentralization, is to form industry in building the technologies that allow people to take control of things for themselves. Yes they are responsible, but I don’t see people drying their clothing at a big box store simply because they have models on display there for fear they won’t be able to fix them. You use appliances all the time that you have no clue how they work (and you own them in your house yet magically they still work for years).

Why does server technology need to remain any different?


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