My Why

Late last year, I wrote a post entitled “Pursuit of Why” on my personal blog about how I largely ignore… everything in life because of my obsession. It was mostly an apology to those that I have, will, and do offend along the way. It’s really quite simple though, my why is my children. They deserve better solutions, as do all our children.

Dribs and drabs may accelerate though. We’ve been getting more people involved in our issue queues, more general inquires, a 3rd party about to go into production, more people on the project soon through contributions. One in particular is really intriguing though because they come from a K12 background.

I hope that through his influence if he keeps putting up with us, that we can help build a platform that can meet needs in the K12 space. Accessibility being a cornerstone of the system will, sadly, set it apart from many others. Thread 88 is worth a look as there’s a lot of good discussion in there about pedagogy around the platform as well as accessibility discussions —

My kids getting into the K12 space soon which makes it all the more interesting to me. As the versioning, accessibility and quality of things get refined through the efforts of many people talking about and committing to the project now.

Join us, let’s build awesome things —