I will sit passively in your meetings no longer.

No longer will I serve on committees as a passenger, listening, and thinking the same thing as so many others: “this won’t solve anything…”. No, I won’t speak up, disrupt, be annoying, or even engage actively… without further action. It’s easy to complain, it’s time to do something about it, actually do something.

“Talk is cheap” is wrong. All of you sitting there talking is revenue loss, is budgets paying you to sit there and talk. Talk, is actually very expensive when there is inaction.

For too many of us, we sit in meetings, committees that go on endlessly, assess, review, investigate, and not, as an outcome, do the thing that would solve what everyone is actually getting at: Build. We need to Create again. We did at one time, all of us did, the collective of instructional designers went to school to build instruction, education, technology, systems.

No more sitting back, no more passive acceptance of the status quo.

If I’m in your meetings, I’m plotting, actively, as to how I can take your ideas, your demands, your requirements, your desires, and bring them to life. Not by product but by production.

Someone will build the tools you are asking for, I don’t care if you use them, but people will. If you refuse to invest in the production of the technologies that match the pedagogies, not the other way around, we will.

I am a Maker; Expect me.