dribs and drabs

We will take over the world.

Person to person, project to project, one line at a time.

We will tear down the old models brick by brick, replacing products and sales pitches with open arms and open knowledge bases. There will be no proprietary software between the learner and the educator. We will bridge this digital divide not by competing, but by eliminating.

Information Altruism hasn’t changed just my life, it’s changing the lives of many developers now. And while I didn’t create open source or Information Altruism (I merely study it), I am still that 19 year old kid that said he was going to liberate educational technology. I am still too dumb, too naive, too stupid to accept the status quo and, working with reckless abandon believe you and I can; will, make a difference. We can be the “Superman” that documentaries about education have spoke of before.

Anyone can go and make money. Anyone can pitch seed money or angel funding. It takes a different approach to really change things. Are you willing to join us? We need everyone we can, because education is in trouble; and it’s the same trouble it’s been in for decades. We aren’t connecting with large swaths of our “market” our “customers”. The solutions aren’t going to come from “Silco” or the boardroom; they’re already right here; with you and me. We can and will build something bigger. It’s why we don’t speak in products, we speak in philosophies of design and social movements.

You may say technology can’t solve everything, and your right. But it certainly can hindered the process of educating others. We always say students connect with learning differently and so we need lots of examples and modalities to connect with as many students as possible. Meeting them on the level that they learn best. Yet when it comes to technology, we throw everything in the same bucket, regardless of subject or faculty or students and call it a day?

How many students disengage from classes because the technology is a barrier to entry?

How many people can’t connect because of how poorly we route them to one another.

In dribs and drabs, grassroots, deployed in an endless series of configurations, with increasingly less technical expertise required to accomplish the task. To quote a colleague, “ELMS seems like an inevitability at this point”.

Never tire, never give up, never back down. We’re not going away, and through visions of the future you’ll only start to see how different we’re going to make the world. With so much strife, negativity and eye rolling; the world desperately needs dreamers.

Will you dare to dream with us?

This is only the beginning.