Some updates on ELMSLN

I’ll do a full post on Drupalcon Austin thoughts but I wanted to quickly get down some exciting bullet points that haven’t all made their way into other elms related blogs (especially not this one!). I didn’t stop blogging because things stopped happening, I stopped blogging here because I’ve been blogging in many other places and very, very busy.

Bulleted lists are fun:

  • we got a new home for the project to reference This is intended to be the hub for ELMSLN as it branches out and is gaining adoptions outside of PSU.
  • One of my best friends, Michael Collins (@_mike_collins) is now a regular contributor to the project as IST explores migrating to ELMSLN. His focus is primarily on design and usability improvements including a new theme that (not going to lie) is gorgeous looking already!
  • The ELMSLN Collaboration with University Madison Law School kicks off tomorrow (June 30, 2014)!
  • Group currently using ELMSLN on campus (at UW) has started migration to the latest architecture
  • Active investigation at two other colleges who I won’t name at the moment but one has a potentially active contributor
  • We met with a member of a new global online university who is interested ELMSLN Open Studio for use in a distributed, global cohort based learning style that crosses language and country boundaries.
  • We are deep into active semester 4 of ELMSLN adoption in-house and currently have 15 courses on the platform utilizing the MOOC and CIS components heavily

In 2014, I’ve given (or will give) ELMSLN presentations at the following events…

  1. Drupal Camp Ohio (Feb)
  2. Drupalcon Austin (June)
  3. Web Conference @ Penn State (June)
  4. DrupalCamp Wisconsin (July)
  5. Campus Technology (July)
  6. DrupalCampPA (Aug) Pittsburgh
  7. OpenEd14 (Nov)

There will be code sprints with dedicated time for on-boarding people at DrupalCamp Wisconsin (Madison) and DrupalCamp PA (Pittsburgh). This happened at Drupalcon Austin and I got ELMSLN’s vagrant / developer setup running on two other peoples machines and did in depth hands on Q/A. Collins and I also got to work on the project for about a 6 hour chunk too which was enough time to get him committing code directly to the github project repository!

Little by little, one person at a time, one favor at a time, one email or tweet at a time, we will change the world. I haven’t lost the optimism yet that we can set the world on fire if we just change our selves and be good stewards to our neighbors. Information altruism is a real thing, I believe it with everything in me that when you donate time and resources to another person you change the world.

With all that I’ve done, I can’t do as much as I can in numbers. Imagine what we will build together. Imagine the knowledge it production we can unleash and the potential minds, especially in “emerging markets”. Those aren’t Emerging markets, they are thousands of years of oppressive regimes about to be unshackled (in part) due to technology. Let’s not have them fall into the same mistakes our country has had to endure in the education arena.

There are blank canvas’ everywhere, paint a better tomorrow.


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