ELMS Learning Network: Systems

There are many systems that comprise the ELMS Learning Network.  We’ve discussed theory and background reading up to this point, now let’s dive into some of the systems both planned and theorized for this network of systems.

Importing things to note:

  • The structure of the network is built to grow is a circular pattern
  • There is theoretically no limit to how many tools one can use
  • The minimal number of tools envisioned currently is the CIS (center of the network) and Course outline space (MOOC distro).  You could technically run without an outline but it probably wouldn’t make much sense unless augmenting other environments
  • This is all subject to change in terms of the tools and their scope; that’s the point of this structure

I’ve discussed what these systems are previously so here’s a quick list as I’ll give each of these a proper run through based on what’s currently available.

  1. ULMUS – Tool to rapidly build new tools for the network
  2. CIS – Central brain, logistics, and communications portal for courses
  3. MOOC – Course outline and instructional objectives communication platform
  4. CLE – Collaborative submission and open critique environment
  5. ICOR – Interactive components like flash, hmtl5, and complex learning objects
  6. Helpdesk – Ticketing and issue support system, everything is plugged into it
  7. Compliance – Distributed Accessibility and Copyright management engine
  8. Media* – asset management system (or systems depends on where you store it)
  9. LAR – Analytics capture and recall system, everything is plugged into it
  10. Rubrics* – Rubric and assessment engine for CLE submission environment
  11. Reactions* – Distributed comment and discussion engine to power all systems

*Media, Rubrics and Reactions are not final names, this currently runs in house under the name ELIMedia (elmsmedia in public) but will not be called that in the D7 version


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