I am now not just another Drupal Zombie

I think people know (or at least it should be pretty obvious from everywhere my screen name shows up) that I am a Drupal robot.  I sleep, eat, and breathe Drupal and I push it every chance I get.  So it’s a little strange to me to be writing my first post in WordPress.  This is my first time even using WordPressin any way which is hilarious since I make so many arguments against it just from the standpoint of the power of Drupal.

Taking a step back I can say that in my limited experience, I see why WordPress != Drupal from first hand experience (finally).  Here’s a few comparisons between the two as I look quickly and get my first impressions.

WordPress First Impressions

  • Very obvious what I should do, update my first post to not say “Hello world!”
  • Wow this looks like a flexible blog
  • Slick interface, like the buttons; they are very non-threatening
  • Words + Icons are easy to understand

WordPress Dislikes

  • Didn’t expect the publish / update post button to be over on the right hand side (I don’t think that way about forms, probably from Drupal)
  • Has more of a Portal feel to it just from the layout and positioning of things
  • While I know it has lots you can do to expand it, I think it’s painted itself into a bit of a corner as a single-user, blog centric platform

Drupal First Impressions

  • What do I do?
  • Oh, admin ok, wow there’s a lot of options here
  • WOW this is flexible; I think I can make anything with this…if only I knew how!

Drupal Dislikes

  • Can be very confusing
  • Need to read up on what’s going on in the community, what modules do what before really knowing what you can do
  • Steep learning curve (rewarding, but steep!)

Is my point scewed? Yeah.  Do I still need to play around with WordPress more here (as well as locally)?  Hell yeah.  But I think what I’m finding by looking into this is that it’s a great, simple blogging platform that can get you up and running quickly.  This is what most people want to do who are trying to join in the conversation going on on the web.  For those want something more powerful, flexible, and thought of as a system, not just a website — then Drupal’s still for you.  I think I’ll start using WordPress for my blogs cause it’s so much easier to setup quickly then Drupal (I don’t love Drupal’s blogging only kind of environment / default install either where as this seems grreat).  For powerhouse sites / projects / systems, yeah; Drupal is still King here.



  1. Kathy Kane · May 29, 2009

    Don’t give a fig about word press – just thought this was an easy place to send you a note. We’re in the process of re-doing our website, you can see how badly it needs it, hoping to use Drupal but running into some opposition from other interested parties. Biggest obstacles: 1)need to interface interactively with an MS SQL data base; we’re working on that and may get there. But 2)we need to be able to serve up maps produced by ESRI’s ARC software. They’re numero uno in the GIS field and completely in bed with MS. I’m researching it now, haven’t found much useful, but I love a good quest. If you have any insights, I’d love to hear them.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Madison.


  2. btopro · May 29, 2009

    ha, you get a gold star for being the first person to post here (hooray)! I have seen a few people looking to get MS SQL server support into the core database schema stuff for Drupal 7. It’s been talked about in the past so there is a lot of interest in it for reasons like what you’ve stated — critical need that’s done in a MS only system so you don’t want to replicate services / have to integrate cross db servers.

    http://drupal.org/node/74308 is a looong running / standing discussion about it all that’s still very active.

    Can’t wait to see you in…wow 5 days now!

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