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The ELMSLNephant in the Room


A call to action by one of our own. We are all in endless meetings; it’s time to stop talking and realize we’re all developing the solutions already and to unite! We are building the future and I’ve never been more motivated then I have this year. We are a distributed team across colleges here, across institutions (with Wisconsin), and across nations with a group that will release a case study this summer about their ELMSLN deployment experiences.

We can now get a new copy of ELMSLN running on digitalocean by copying and pasting 3 lines and waiting 9 minutes. This sets a server up from nothing to a fully functional deployment, automatically authoring modules unique to the deployment, networking systems together on the fly. This is no longer just a Drupal site, it’s an organism.

It’s only a matter of time before that includes domains, certificates, load balances and beyond. All open, all free. We already have a deployment that self updates when a known configuration works; it’s only a matter of time before all deployments automatically upgrade themselves. They already back themselves up, harden the security of the file system, and run scripts that first discover what needs upgraded, then performs the upgrades. We are not here to disrupt, we are here to fundamentally transform.

It’s no longer about which vendor to get locked into. It’s about which vendor will help us implement and integrate with our processes.

This isn’t just about building an LMS, because that concept of a data storage silo structured like the phpBB forums they are based on from the 90s is dead. This is about building, modifying and sharing whole systems within systems. This is remix culture brought to the edtech space and done in a way that encourages dissent not stamp it out.

This is the network we are building. Let’s build amazing ecosystems together.

Originally posted on Little Wing:

Just over a year ago, Eric Barron was named the 18th president of Penn State, and on May 12, he assumed that role. One of the first things he addressed were the six areas in which every great university should excel, which included:

  • Excellence
  • Student engagement
  • Demographics and diversity
  • Student career success and economic development
  • Accessibility
  • Technology

How, he asked, as one of the premiere teaching, research, and service institutions of the world, could we make ourselves stand out? Numerous committees across the University rose to the charge and began tackling these six areas head-on to identify opportunities for excellence. One group started looking at piloting and identifying a new LMS. Another began investigating “content” — what it is, how we use is, and how we can best serve it. Other groups began exploring the best ways to support our online students. One of the committees on which I serve took particular interest in the economic development part…

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Lego Knight and Dragon

You are the most talented

You don’t have to be the bad guy. You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things. Because you are the Special. And so am I. And so is everyone. The prophecy is made up, but it’s also true. It’s about all of us. Right now, it’s about you. And you… still… can change everything.

Emmet – The Lego Movie

Read it. Believe it. Right now, you, and hopefully everyone around you, is special. I am special, and so is everyone. Stop believing that the only people special, smart, unique, incredible, work and live elsewhere. Everyone is capable of being awesome, believe it and build from there.

Companies, corporations, institutions, organizations; all of them, are only special because we give those words power over us. I have a different words for it: Branding, marketing, collectivism. It is the individuals that makes these organizations great, and that’s why we need to stop take a look at the individuals around us, and realize that we are great also.

A phrase that has really stuck with me lately is “Distribute, everything”. Distributed everything is a phrase built up around the DarkCoin / BitCoin / Cypocurrency communities. And its a mentality we need to bring to education. We don’t need to be consumers anymore.

I sit  in countless product meetings and the question comes up: “Well, is this flexible enough for…” and then an incredible use-case comes out of someone’s mount. Someone incapable of being able to build it themselves, or at least their fear is what keeps them from doing so.

It would never scale

I don’t know enough / have the credentials

I could never build that

I have another phrase for this mindset: BullSh*t.

It would never scale

This is built on the faulty premise that something needs to scale in the traditional sense. If I walk into a classroom and I have a corkboard and students pin articles to it, comment (in real life, like human beings) and then have take aways; does that experience matter less because it was confined to a classroom setting? Or because it was only available to 15 people, is it somehow less important?

The notion of course technology needing to scale to be relevant is complete and utter nonsense. If we ever want to break the factory model of education, then we damn well better get used to the notion that people are different and connect with different learning methodologies. If your talking system scale, the pace of technology and innovation and change make this a trivial point (especially when Distributing Everything).

I don’t know enough / have the credentials

Your right, IT and Educational technology vendors have access to incredibly advanced tools that you could never in your life figure out. Oh wait, it’s called Google and open source. Guess what, here’s some wisdom to impart. There is literally nothing special about what I do. Who I am, maybe (i’m a special unicorn full of butterflies). But what I do, what almost everyone does at this point, is common knowledge.

IT professional workflow: I don’t know something

www dot search engine name dot com

Search field: The problem / error message experienced

Click links on stack exchange

Most of the web is built on open source servers, code and libraries. That means it’s out there… openly. And the majority of vendors are not producing you any secret sauce you couldn’t come up with yourself.

I could never build that

You’re right again! You could never build the things that other people can! That’s because they went to schools that gave them credentials (recall point 2: this is BullSh*t) which enable them and only them to make solutions.

Words like “Cloud hosted solution” and “Scalable” are fancy ways of saying “We use Jenkins (free) to automatically request a new setup of our architecture in Amazon EC2 when you send us your dollars.”. Jenkins, open source, And lets ignore Amazon EC2 being hard to use for a moment and swap it out with DigitalOcean where you can setup a cloud based server with certain resources for a set dollar amount. You can get full blown applications setup for development in 55 seconds, and things are only going to get easier in this area. Right now, you can copy and paste commands (that you most likely googled) into a textfield and it’ll spin up your server and then run those commands.

In the future, the only thing you should be paying for is hosting. Open Source communities (or which you should join) are making the paying for much else kind of embarrassing. Is there risk involved in doing things yourself? Absolutely, so don’t just go off in a basement and do everything without connecting with others. But there’s far more risk of failing future generations by making education the same for all.

So remember, when everyone tells you you can’t or that only other people are capable. Remember…

You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things.

Live like it, stop being a consumer, and lets build a better, more distributed, world, collaboratively.

Who’s brand are you building on the “Radio”?

Let’s look at an idea through a fictional conversation

E: We need to market our brand and attract more long term clients?

B: I completely agree, let’s advertise more of the tv, “radio”, social media, everywhere. We just need to give the proper tease to get people to come ask for our services. What do you provide that people can’t get anywhere else?

E: Well, I have 30 years experience in the field, so I’ll be working 1 on 1 with clients to advise them on their portfolio. We could do a 30 second ad that shows the process you’d go through and has lots of great pictures of people happy with their families because they’ve had a secure “finance” situation thanks to talking with me and my team.

B: Hmm.. I’m not sure that’s the approach we want to take. Here, how about this. Instead of showing your services and saying how great individualized attention is with you, the expert, let’s instead have an infomershial. Yeah… I can see it now. People will be more engaged with it because it’ll be longer; AND, you’ll be able to help more of them because instead of putting it on multiple platforms we’ll only put it on “radio”! You know “radio” is the wave of the future and it travels REALLY far, almost globally. Also, people don’t respond well to that happy families thing, they want to learn about how to make more money so they can buy more stuff. So I’m thinking lots of smiling attractive people swimming in money because they listened to your infomercial and then came in to become clients!

E: err, So you want me to change the message to be a longer discussion of finance, in a more watered down way for more people? And just 1 place? Why would we only advertise on 1 location?? And besides that’s not the experience they’d get by coming in to see us, I don’t know how I feel about this plan. We’re about a lot more then just making people money.

B: Just 1 place; oh you make it sound so bad. No silly, it’s got millions of people on it. I don’t know if you know how technology like “radio” works, but you broadcast a message, people pay attention, at scale, and then the money just comes pouring in. And as for your message, we don’t want something representative of what 1 person’s experience is like; we want this to be eye catching, really wow the crowd to hold onto their attention. That’s the only way your going to make the final sale in the end, is if you present a product that blows people away; ignore the fact that it’s not really what you do, you just have to go with the flow.

E: Hmm.. ok, I mean I guess your right. We do things a bit dated around here and I am really worried that we’re missing out on potentially helping people and bringing ourselves more business.

B: Well, to make money you have to spend money; and the best way to do that is to partner with “Buy-in-large” to put your infomercial out to as many people as possible. Then, once the idea.. {cut off}

E: Wait, did you just say partner with “Buy-in-large”?? I thought this was OUR infomercial, why do we need them? And they don’t have experience in the “finance” industry, why should I trust them to get our my message about how great we are at helping individuals with “finance”?

B: You didn’t let me finish. Your clients are here to make money so that they can buy more stuff, “Buy-in-large” is the perfect fit. They sell stuff to people and provide a platform to sell more stuff upon them becoming clients of yours and “Buy-in-large”s.

Also, you can’t do it on your own. I mean this is “radio”, how are we ever going to put something on a “radio” without partnering with an organization of their size. “Buy-in-large” is exactly the kind of group that we want to be affiliated with.

Trust me, if you want this captive audience’s attention and to potentially turn this into a sale down the road, you gotta pair up with “Buy-in-large”.

E: But that doesn’t even make sense. And really, how captive an audience could “radio” possibly have? I mean I hear that there might be millions of people that goto “radio”s but that it rarely converts into paying business; isn’t “radio” more about just getting our name out there? That’s not what I need, we already have a name for ourselves in this industry, I’m just trying to attract a few more perspective clients and show them quickly how I can help them through personalized advise.

B: Ok, if your ever going to make this work you need to drop this notion that you know what your talking about. I mean, you’ve been at this for 30 years; times have changed. People don’t want personalization anymore, they want large, well presented arrangements that they get for free without any potential market applicability.

You have to trust me, I’m the expert and besides, everyone else is doing it. If your going to keep up the perception that you are also good at what you do, your just going to have to swallow your pride a bit and get on “radio” like the rest of them! It’s the only way to survive in the coming years when business is going to get tight.

E: But all I wanted was to put out a quick notice that we exist and that we’ve got great experience for them..

B: Ya well your perspective clients don’t care about that anymore; grow up. The dream is dead. No one wants the path to a better, more complete life; they want money. So just do this so that I can help you succeed!


E is Education

B is Big MOOC

“financial” = education

“Radio” = MOOC

“Buy-in-large” = Any silo’ed MOOC provider

Thoughts that prompted this:

  • When you give away a product that’s of higher quality then what you make people pay for; will that reflect positively or negatively on the institution?
  • When you associate your brand with a large bucket of logos of other brands, does that not say your all the same; forcing you to focus more on brand management then educating?
  • Don’t tell me this is about education. This is about creating an industry to “Appify” and replace higher education, especially faculty (see recent articles about the 
  • Which brand are you building? The platform? The faculty member? The field? or your own?
  • How long can this all last?

These thoughts do not apply specifically to anyone or anything. I’m sure there are great MOOCs out there taught by great instructors.

The LM-essest 1%: Death by IT governance

As with everything, I have nothing to back this up. But anecdotally from faculty and instructional designers I’ve talked to recently, I’d imagine that they love LMSs if they were allowed to change the 1% of the issues that bug them.

For example, if you don’t have the ability to import a rubric and have to enter it manually from a previous system. That 1% capability of the LMS may be so obnoxious that it sours your entire experience. This isn’t really a problem with the LMS, it’s a problem with IT governance and dated policies.

I’d be curious to see the stats on open platforms like Moodle and Canvas when deployed as large central instances vs distributed, smaller ones at college and department levels. I’d imagine that as you get closer and closer to the end users (as far as levels of governance) that perception of quality of the same tool would improve.

I’d do research, but in the age of Singularity, bloated research is dead and gut instinct is the only way to survive. Because structures and institutions won’t change, the LMS community is doomed to a fate of less customers, more requirements. Unless the larger LMS community adopts google-esk, distributed, app-ified, networked services approach to implementation via LTI or lightweight APIs; it will be in a continued state of decline much like the cord-cutters leaching users out of the cable industry.

I think right now the LMS community’s response will be much like cable: you need us, you’ll come back, you’ll never leave, we’ll just raise rates to make up the difference. 4-5 years from now though, they’ll still be saying the same thing and those that get off the sinking LMS ship (now) will be mas money and students ahead of their dinosaur counterparts.

Because they aren’t willing to change their governance or financial model, they will be in a state of staged collapse over the next several years.  The issue at hand is that technology has changed the nature of the way new businesses and ideas can be disseminated and they are still living in the days of brick-and-mortar style buildings that are trying desperately to remain relevant in the “new”-new IT driven economy.

All it will take is a visionary “uber”-like disruption and the entire thing will be threatened; all because the people making the decisions are unable to step back and realize they are the problem.

Some updates on ELMSLN

I’ll do a full post on Drupalcon Austin thoughts but I wanted to quickly get down some exciting bullet points that haven’t all made their way into other elms related blogs (especially not this one!). I didn’t stop blogging because things stopped happening, I stopped blogging here because I’ve been blogging in many other places and very, very busy.

Bulleted lists are fun:

  • we got a new home for the project to reference http://elmsln.org/. This is intended to be the hub for ELMSLN as it branches out and is gaining adoptions outside of PSU.
  • One of my best friends, Michael Collins (@_mike_collins) is now a regular contributor to the project as IST explores migrating to ELMSLN. His focus is primarily on design and usability improvements including a new theme that (not going to lie) is gorgeous looking already!
  • The ELMSLN Collaboration with University Madison Law School kicks off tomorrow (June 30, 2014)!
  • Group currently using ELMSLN on campus (at UW) has started migration to the latest architecture
  • Active investigation at two other colleges who I won’t name at the moment but one has a potentially active contributor
  • We met with a member of a new global online university who is interested ELMSLN Open Studio for use in a distributed, global cohort based learning style that crosses language and country boundaries.
  • We are deep into active semester 4 of ELMSLN adoption in-house and currently have 15 courses on the platform utilizing the MOOC and CIS components heavily

In 2014, I’ve given (or will give) ELMSLN presentations at the following events…

  1. Drupal Camp Ohio (Feb)
  2. Drupalcon Austin (June)
  3. Web Conference @ Penn State (June)
  4. DrupalCamp Wisconsin (July)
  5. Campus Technology (July)
  6. DrupalCampPA (Aug) Pittsburgh
  7. OpenEd14 (Nov)

There will be code sprints with dedicated time for on-boarding people at DrupalCamp Wisconsin (Madison) and DrupalCamp PA (Pittsburgh). This happened at Drupalcon Austin and I got ELMSLN’s vagrant / developer setup running on two other peoples machines and did in depth hands on Q/A. Collins and I also got to work on the project for about a 6 hour chunk too which was enough time to get him committing code directly to the github project repository!

Little by little, one person at a time, one favor at a time, one email or tweet at a time, we will change the world. I haven’t lost the optimism yet that we can set the world on fire if we just change our selves and be good stewards to our neighbors. Information altruism is a real thing, I believe it with everything in me that when you donate time and resources to another person you change the world.

With all that I’ve done, I can’t do as much as I can in numbers. Imagine what we will build together. Imagine the knowledge it production we can unleash and the potential minds, especially in “emerging markets”. Those aren’t Emerging markets, they are thousands of years of oppressive regimes about to be unshackled (in part) due to technology. Let’s not have them fall into the same mistakes our country has had to endure in the education arena.

There are blank canvas’ everywhere, paint a better tomorrow.

Reblog: LMS Futures: Evolution, Revolution, or Extinction?

I wanted to draw attention to this post on another edtech blog about the future of the LMS: http://edtechcurmudgeon.blogspot.com/2014/06/lms-futures-evolution-revolution-or.html


Instead of writing a blog post about it (like a logical person) I wrote in the comments. This is a repost of my answer to the question LMS Futures: Evolution, Revolution, or Extinction? Obviously my vote is in the extinction category (shocking I know).

The LMS is dying, LTI started to process by which it will slowly die. As more platforms integrate with quality toolsets living outside the LMS, and usability of said tools improves and data usage polices fade from an issue; the iron clad grip that the LMS holds over most institutions will slowly fade. They will still be there and have a good run ahead of them, but unless they choose to disrupt themselves and their industry now, they will be a sinking ship within the next many years.

How to fix? Break the monopolistic model apart. No more heavy handed knowledge silos that only pay lip service to concepts like open sharing of materials (so long as they all live in this bucket, follow usage policies and are ok with the export formats). No more marketing driven from the boardroom and not from the classroom. No more one-size fits all solutions.

The fundamental shift over the last 10 years has been that LMSs largely have been the same type of system, working in vacuums while the internet has improved leaps and bounds, passing it further and further by with each release cycle of largely the same product.

This isn’t their problem really, I mean, they’ve pegs to massive institutions that largely only understand tradition and routine. Unfortunately for LMS vendors, the educational industrial complex is teetering on collapse. Any additional weakening of the overall economy, mixed with (still) out of control costs of education and a populous increasingly questioning the merits of that piece of paper.. well, it won’t be pretty.

How to fix it? “You have no chance to survive make your time.” Personally I’m betting on open source and putting my “money” in non-educationally focused technologies. Hitch your wagon to a large open source community, bring the knowledge of your discipline and reshape the toolsets to the instructional challenges. This is the biggest threat to LMS and edtech vendors in general: architectures are getting easier to use.

We don’t need you to go build a blog platform, there are great ones already available, many that can be stood up locally and managed with ease (or one-click setup on cloud based service). We don’t need you to go build a _____ it already exists as a SaaS over in _____ and there’s an open source alternative called ____ if we really want to host. You can fill those blanks in with almost any FOSS framework, any non-education vendor, and any piece of functionality in the LMS. Stitch together the user experience with LTI, and in the near future the LMS of today is just the place you go to click the “start course” button.

Disclaimer: I’m the project lead on a Drupal based network of tools that has a lot of the rationale above driving me. You are weak and painfully outdated LMS, and there are many more then just me coming after you.

btopro — June 29th, 2014 in the comments, like a weirdo

I’m proud of myself, I didn’t even mention ELMS Learning Network in the post though I obviously went a little overboard. I’ve been meaning to blog here for a long time about everything that’s been going on but i’ve been tired from presenting about it, working on it, and having a happy but sleep deprived family :).

You can’t change who you were, only who you allow yourself to become

Warning; openness approaches.

It’s been quite a decade.  It started on the floor, drinking away loneliness (perceived loneliness) and ended with everything that I saw in a vision at 22 coming true.  There were many ups and down, too many downs considering.  Mentality changes, reversals, twists, and turns.  When I turned 20 I got a card from my parents that said (paraphrase): Life is like a movie, it has ups and downs, parts that make us scared and parts that are happy.  But through it all, we love you.

I’m able to look back now and see how critical that card was (I still remember it) and just how obvious my sadness must have been.  I was in a funk.  I had been dating for the better part of 5 years consecutively.  Fell hard too many times, fell harder in succession (ahh puppy love).  But now, I found myself here.  On the floor. Unable to move. Unable to think.  Wallowing in self-loathing.  I hated who I was, what I had become, the person I had lost (myself).

It was there, laying on the ground in the fetal position, knowing I didn’t want to be who I was. “Pick yourself up” a voice said.  I suddenly felt calm.  I wasn’t happy, I didn’t know what just happened, but I knew in the silence and sadness, something finally made sense: I had to correct who I was.

Over many, many years (4 or so in fact) I started a slow, gradual climb away from the person I was letting myself become and towards the person I wanted to be everyday.  I don’t talk about those times much and I rarely reference that person because I don’t typically consider it myself.  I wasn’t myself, or at least not the myself I wanted to be. I had 2 blogs across many years of ranting through the pain, trying to figure out who I was.  I was so embarrassed of that person that I created multiple identities to break from my current persona (btopro in all things).

I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing this.  As was the case with Knowing How to Smile, a listing of truths that I formulated in my times of darkness, I guess I’m leaving a record incase anyone else finds themselves in those dark times and needs something, even just a web search to suggest that It gets better.

I don’t regret anything in my life, you can’t change who you were, only who you allow yourself to become.  But if I could have told myself anything through the last decade now, especially the early times, it might have gone something like this.

Dear 20 – Sadness is ridiculous.  At this age the only direction is up yet you are lost; without purpose. Everywhere you can go, no idea how to get there. Be still, listen, and find yourself and find your purpose.  Pick yourself off the floor, go out for the things that make you happy, they will lead you to who you want to be. Play Hockey, but don’t abuse it as an outlet for your hated of yourself.  Also, walls, particularly stucco walls; are not breakable.  Your right hand, your dominant hand, is.  “I didn’t know you were that kind of person” — allow this phrase to consume you, he is correct, you aren’t the person that you want to be (far from it).

Dear 21 – Don’t be afraid to love. Don’t be afraid to fail.  Don’t be afraid to have fun, your only this young once, but do nothing you’ll regret.  Stop being selfish, it won’t get you anywhere you want to go.  Deal with your doubts head on and for the love of God stop listening go 45 by Shinedown.  You have far too much going for you to focus on negativity.  Pick your head up as you walk, see and actively experience the beauty around you.

Dear 22 – Don’t let your wife get up from the table just friends.  You will see the next 8 years in an instant and two divergent paths.  Yes, you will need to make this important a decision this early on.  Be not afraid, she is your wife, be happy with how many of your days the two of you will have with each other.  She’s your best friend, the love of your life, your better half, and your soul mate.  Stop taking her for granted, treat her the way she deserves.  Stop being an idiot, be still, listen, this is purpose.  Apply to grad school, ignore DC; there’s nothing but broken promises there.  Many of your “friends” will go, you’ll never see them again.  Go to grad school, stay in the state, stay near State.

Dear 23 –   You are starting to pursue your purpose, code is more than a job, it’s the ability to change things.  Identify the impediments to progress, document their behavior, remove them.  Information Altruism is the wave of the future.  Donating time is the way to change things.  Donating code and time, you will be unstoppable.  Buy your first house, realize it’s not your last.  Be ok with the transition to “real life” from “college town”.

Dear 24 – Marry your best friend, trust her, always.  Be happy in her job transition, it will only be to both of your benefit.  The only thing constant is change, be ok with this.  Never allow the negativity of others to dissuade you.  Little people make their business creating and focusing on little problems.  Don’t hide your joys and successes.  Don’t be embarrassed with how happy you are and the life you’ve been given. What you will do to deserve it is seek to earn it every day.

Dear 25 – “Let no one live in your head rent free”.  Ignore distractions both in and out of the office.  Allow yourself to escape work now and again, downtime is just as important as on-time.  Put the time in now so you can focus on the news at the end of the year.  Make things happen, don’t let things happen.  Invest in yourself, figure out how to go about your mission in life.  Merge politics in all aspects of life, but never speak of politics.

Dear 26 – Trust in yourself, you are ready to be a father.  Be confident in your decisions, put him and your wife above everything.  Yes, even work.  Work hard, work additional, but take breaks often (I know you won’t though).  Don’t work yourself to sadness, money is not a requirement of happiness. Be not afraid, birth will be scary but everything turns out ok.  There will be family job transition again, be happy, your best friend will make sure your son is safe, happy, and loved.  Don’t backdown on coaching, keep going, be true to yourself.  Ignore those that want to dictate to you how your team is run, this is part of your family, do it the right way and you will win.

Dear 27 – You will be disillusioned as to what your purpose is.  Don’t get caught up in the ripples, look for the waves and shoot for them.  Take the 40 day, 40 night challenge, be a different person.  Be still, listen, He is speaking through everyone if you only listen.  You will be pushed to your breaking point with your work.  Stick with it, the rabbit hole goes deeper and you will pick up skills that will last a lifetime through the experience.  Use everything as an opportunity to learn, great failure = great growth.

Dear 28 – You will defeat your opposition if you continue to push forward with consistency, passion, and openness.  Information altruism reigns supreme, victory is at hand, the ball rolls slowly but it will get there.  Make time for your family, they are more important than anything you could “accomplish”.  Always remember, you are doing this to improve your son’s life and potential outcomes.  Never lose sight of that fact, his future is more important than your own.

Dear 29 – All change is good if perception is good.  Change is constant, embrace it, adapt, and revolutionize.  Strike a new tone with your work, no one joins efforts through verbalization of destruction; create as always, but speak of creating and building.  The future is now not only about you and your son, it is about both of them.  Be picky in your consultations, your children’s hourly rate is far greater than any rate of a client.

Be happy, live healthy, Pray daily, be thankful, be charitable, give away everything and you will gain everything.  Thank you 20, through great pain comes great growth.  I thank God daily for the growth that I have undergone and the increased awareness I have of others.  Understanding needs in a context more than just work, and making sure it is always His work being done, not the Joker like schemes of my own.

I told myself at 26 that I’d be burned out and dejected with my attempts to create a movement by my 30th birthday.  I used this as additional motivation to keep pushing forward, putting in far more work “hours” then I will ever be compensated for.  Compensation isn’t the point, transformation is.  Keep building, keep innovation, keep donating, and the future only gets brighter.

I wrote those here in part because while it’s not related specifically to any work project I ever do, it drives and influences everything I’ll ever do.  It is who I am, who I’ve wanted myself to become and who I’ve been allowed to become through Grace.

I won’t stop pushing, won’t stop donating, won’t stop responding positively, won’t stop trying to improve educational outcomes with better educational technology.  I’ve come too far from who I once was to want anything less then a world without boundaries for my kids.